Brush Components

Brush Heads

We offer Artist, Cosmetic & Hobby Brush-heads in every conceivable shape - Round, Flat, Flat Interlocked, Round Interlocked, Filbert, Liner, Shader, Fan, Wash, Mop……….

These brush-heads are hand made with great passion & care by our skilled workmen who have the ability to turn a bunch of hair and ferrule into an awe-inspiring brush head.

Brush Components

We also offer for sale all the Brush components :
  • Brush heads (Artist, Cosmetic or Hobby)
  • Ferrules of all types (Brass & Aluminium)
  • Brush Handles (Wooden & Acrylic)
These products are made in our best quality tradition, offered at competitive prices and can be customized as per the customer's design.

Conical Brush Ferrules

  • Swaged as well as Deep Drawn
  • Close Tolerance
  • Wide Variety
  • Customised Availability
Available in Various Designs and color.

Cylindrical Brush Ferrules

  • Drawn components
  • Exact Dimension
  • Desired Finish

Special Brush Ferrules

  • Ornamental Rings
  • Different Colours
  • Customised availability
  • Close Tolerances.

Wooden Brush Handles

We have the ability to offer wooden handles in various sizes and shapes. We can also develop any paint shade by the virtue of our in-house paint shop that can develop any colour shade in line with the PMS shade charts.

Acrylic Brush Handles

We also offer Acrylic handles in various dimensions and in transparent/black shades.

Cosmetic Brushes

We have used the finest hair to make the cosmetic brush / makeup brush used for applying powder to face and other parts of the body.

Our range of cosmetic brush / makeup brush is designed to satisfy the needs of all users-from Luxury Range (made of gold ferrules & super soft goat hair) to Premium, Standard & Economy Range.
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